Monday, 18 March 2013

Reveiw | Yankee 'Sparkling Lemon' Candle

Hello my lovelies! This is my first ever product review (yaay!). I have not yet mastered the art yet but I'll try. Please tell me what you think :)

This candle is actually my sisters and It was given to her free from as there was an offer which allowed you to pick a free item once you spent over £25. (I know, I'ts such a brilliant deal. )
Yankee candles are a range of luxurious scented candles that are packaged in cute jars to give a house warming feel. They do not only smell great but are beautiful decorative items that will look fabulous on a mantelpiece even when its not lit. The smell of the candles are really distinct and unlike many other candles on the market , the scent lasts for an incredibly long time and can burn up to 90 hrs.
The scent I have here is "sparkling lemon" which is just a burst of warm fruitfulness.  You can really smell the  sweet Meyer Lemon with notes of energetic citrus lime and bergamot orange coming through. Its a lovely way to relax and also absolutely perfect for a bit of well-earned me-time. The sweet smell is quick to fill up your living or bedroom and the vibrant colour creates a lively atmosphere.  There are a range of different colours and beautiful scents to choose from. Whats even more brilliant is that the fragrances are also available in room sprays. I think all Yankee candle products smell and look amazing which makes them the perfect gift for any household. 

 Small - £7.75 
Medium - £15.45
Large - £18.45
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  1. I LOVE candles, that one looks so perfect!

  2. I love candles! I love citrus scents so I definitely want to try this one :)


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