Monday, 28 January 2013

I've Changed The Name!!!

Hey guys! I just wanted to inform you that I have changed the name of the blog.
It is no longer Simply Fashion but I walk In Fashion!  =]
Tell me what you think of the new name! x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Style- Rita Ora

3)Red lipstick-Mary Kay
I absolutely loove Rita Oras fashion sense. Shes not afraid to go all and and when she does, she looks stunning. I've taken inspiration from her wild unique style and found some affordable items. Of course I had to add in that signature royal red lipstick because without it , there would be no Rita Ora.

Friday, 25 January 2013

B-day Wishlist♥

Its my birthday in 2 days =] so I made a list of all the things that have been catching my eyes . "hint hint" . Its not a lot but I'm content so far...Enjoy!

I cannot believe the deal I got with the red vans. There were reduced from £44.99 to just £24.99. What a bargain! I have to grab a pair before they are all gone :( .
You can probably tell from the list that I'm a bit obsessed with forever 21 but I've just realised how beautiful and affordable their clothes are. That's one combination you hardly find now days.
Anyway that's my list x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Go With The Flow

My younger sister wanted to try and create her own outfit on my blog so me being the lovely sister that I am =] I let her. Here is the unedited version of her outfit:

This outfit is flowy loose and simple.If your going to work or a party(etc) you can pick this outfit that will make you look gorgeous wherever you go!!!It can also make you feel good.Because of the loose fabric,it will make you feel loose and free from all your problems!

All black with a hint of neon

2)Heels-Jeffery Campbell

At this time of year, everyone incorporates the dull cold mood into their fashion meaning only wearing grey and black. I like to spice things up a bit. Cheer up the mood with bright bold colours. Don't be afraid to go all out even if the weather tells you different.

Black , white and elegance all over

You've probably seen this 'monochrome' business everywhere you look and I instantly fell in love with it on my first sighting. It akes you back to the 80s (although I'm too young to remember the 80s).
Items from the 80s are constantly being introduced into modern fashion and this is just one trend you have to have in your wardrobe. Take two colours and mix them up to give you that effortless chic look.

Military,Leather and Gold

I'm loving my golden chunky chain! It rocks any outfit . I'm in love with it!

This military trend is really hitting the heights. Camo print and khaki is the thing to go for this season.
Disco pants are here! With the shiny effect , you'll be hard to miss.
This grey slouchy top is from top topshop , however, I know how you can get one for less than half price.
 In primark , they sell pocket tops for around £3. They come in different colours like burgundy , grey and stripes. I bought one in size 16 (I'm size 6) and voila! , i had a slouchy top. simple and affordable.

Back packs are back! I'll be doing a bigger review on back packs in future but here's a small one for now.
They are a great accessory , easy to merge into any outfit. Simple but effective.

All booted up for the snow

Here are my top 4 boots to keep you going in the snow.

I absolutely LOVE the classic uggs. Not only do they look the part, inside is covered with soft velvety sheep skin wich is soo comfortable. It keeps my feet feeling warm even when its minus degrees outside. I'd recomend buying the ugg care kit to keep them in tip-top condition.

The hunter wellies are fabulouse. They look stunning with their glossy effect. You can also purchase hunter socks to keep your feet super warm. they are great for long trips in snow or rain.

I think the timberlands are so beautiful and whats even better is that they are water proof!  They have a great grip to ensure you dont have any embarassing falls. They also have a great 90s feel.

They say that you can never look pretty in the snow but with these Dr martens, that statement is untrue. They come in many different bold coulers and with these unique style , your bound to make a fashion statement.

Going Cazjj

1)Burgundy snood-Ebay
5)Grey T-shirt- Primark

I put this outfit together with a base of a burgundy snood. I picked the black wedges to give it a bit of glamour which can easily be replace with flats to give it that day time look. It can be accessorised with a simple Golden necklace and cream studded side bag.
Thats what I call simple Fashion!

Trend Check!

1)Tartan scarf-Ebay
2)Tartan shirt-Top Shop

The tartan trend will brings a heritage chic to any outfit whilst remaining bang on trend!
You can go all out or just have a few pieces like this tartan scarf.
(The tartan jeans are a bit pricey so if anyone spots a more affordable pair of jeans , please inform me!)


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