Sunday, 17 March 2013

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Hello my lovelies! I hope you've had a brilliant week. Firstly I'd like to say happy St Patricks day! I was warmly welcomed into Asda by a group of lovely children doing some beautiful Irish dancing which I absolutely adore. Anyway , it doesn't look like the weather is getting any better so no outfit posts :(.  I would really like to get some feed back on my blog on how to improve it after all , I did make this blog for all of you guys so I would like to know what posts you would enjoy or even if you find the layout of my blog complicated. I will be doing some reviews soon (one of them is on the famous , much loved , Yankee candle) So if you have any ideas , please email me : I would really appreciate it.


I love cartoon items! whenever I see someone wearing it , I find myself staring at it for ages, I especially love the ones with comic scrips on. Its very entertaining when your going through a boring bus journey. I think the cartoon trend is really catching on. I've been a fan of it for some time now and seeing more and more people wearing it just makes me want to grin.
Are there any trends that guys like?
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Stay safe guys x


  1. I adore that batman shirt! Do you remember where you saw it? I love the comic trend as well - I bought a pair of comic strip tights almost two years ago and STILL wear them aha I love your blog and followed:) xx

    1. thank you so much x your blog is amazing too! I love your fashion sense! I'm sorry , I'm not too sure where I found the shirt but I'll be sure to check it out for you! ♥

  2. I love that hat, it's so nice!xo

  3. Love that shirt :D Very lovely blog x x

    1. thank you so much x comments like this make my day!

  4. Love your suggestions, definitely will be investing in the shirt soon!



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