Sunday, 23 March 2014

Top 5 Spring Tips

So , spring is officially here and in London , we've been experiencing many sunny intervals ( along with random showers) but never the less , here a few tips to help you get ready this spring.
Spring tips

1) Stick with pastels.
When painting nails , its best not to use heavy colours. Stick with light colours such as pastels.
some of my favorites:

top-shop pastels
2)Defeat the heat!
Invest in a moisturiser BB cream or CC cream that contains an spf
This will help reduce the darkening of blemishes and will prevent premature aging.
3) keep those eyebrows at bay!
Its best to keep make-up light especially eyebrows.
Top tip: Used light short strokes when filling in eyebrows to give them a natural look.
Use a lighter eye-pencil / powder to reduce harsh lines.

No slugs please

4) Lighten up
Many people like lightening their hair in the spring - well I know I do.
One way to do this by creating minimal damage is by using lemon.
Lemon has lightening agents and can be used to lighten hair as well as blemishes.
Step 1: Mix lemon and honey into your conditioner.
Step 2: Apply to hair and leave in for 15-20 minutes
Step 3: Wash out well and apply a moisturiser.
step 4: Repeat this weekly
(Your hair will gradually lighten over the course of 5 weeks)


5) Pins out!
Around spring time , the weather is warm enough to be rocking out skirts and shorts. However, you might want to prep your legs first. I cant promise you perfection , but I can promise you something very close.
Here are some tips when you are shaving your legs:

tip 1) shave your legs in the shower. the steam opens up the pores making it easier for hair removal.
tip 2) Always use a new blade. Old ones could cause cuts and infections.
tip 3) Moisturise your legs. Get your legs gleaming by moisturising them regularly.

Do you have any tips for this spring? If you do , I would love to know. Please comment down below =]


  1. Great post! I love those nail polishes and I agree that lemon is a great bleach on a budget
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  2. Cute post! It's different to any others around at the moment and I really enjoyed reading it :)

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

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    Plase visit my blog.. :)


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