Thursday, 28 March 2013

Passion for Fashion Moneysupermarket Blogger Competition

Hey guys , this is my money supermarket bloggers competition entry. For more informaion, Click HERE

Total Price: £130.00

I think beach/holiday outfits are a good time to play with colour. The sun is shining and you've left behind all your stress so you might as well let everything out. Here I've gone for one of my favourite patterns , floral, teamed with a petite sleeveless polka dot top. Now , I wouldn't normally team two patterns together especially when they are so 'out there' in your face but your on holiday , so I guess your allowed to do things like that. I've gone for the gladiator sandals to give the outfit that vintage look and I think one of the most things I look forward to on holiday is feeling the fresh sand through my toes so I would never  dare do anything to prevent that (hahaha). I've added the topshop nail varnish because I thought it was such a pretty spring colour and reminds me a lot of some sort of exotic fruit. The bikini fits in with the floral theme and the signature sunglasses just had to be thrown in because
not only do they protecet your eyes from the sun , they tend to look great in holidays photos!

H&M denim shirt,£20 | Oasis light weight Burgundy jeans, £18 | Charlotte Russe messenger bag , £18 | Miss Selfridge bracelets bangle , £21| Nike Trainers Nike Blazer High VNTG, £69 | Topshop Nail Polish , £5.00 

Total Price: £151.00

I think I speak for everyone when I say , everyone loves a bit of casual dressing now and again. Its just so nice to be able to thrown on a pair of your most comfortable jeans with a top that you never knew existed. With my casual look I''ve teamed burgundy jeans with a denim shirt. I think the colours compliment each other nicely and denim has always had that casual feel to it. I've thrown in some Nike blazers as I own a pair and find them very comfortable.  The nude coloured nail varnish is just to contrast the subtle pastel colours in the satchel and shirt. I have added  the watch and bracelet set just to add touch of 'pow' to the outfit.

Party look
Short cocktail dress, £20 | Soda heel wedge shoes , £18 | |Nude clutch, £18 | H&M bracelet ring, £4 | Dorothy Perkins Collar Necklace , £13,| John & Pearl triangle earrings, £29 | eylure ,  Topshop , £9.95

Total Price:£111.95

 For the party look , I went all black and gold with a touch of red. I think at a party , its vital that you stand out and I've done this by using colours that shine and sparkle. I've gone for a bit of glamorous-rock by merging rich gold accessories with studs. I love the dipped hem detailing on the dress with the pretty golden patterns , its got everything I'd want in a party dress. When planning this outfit , I was almost certain i'd go over the limit of £200 put I didn't. (pheew!) In fact , its come across as the cheapest outfit and  don't have the slightest clue how that happened!

Thank guys

If you would like to find out more about this competition , Click HERE

(closing date is on the 8th of April 2013)



  1. We love all these looks and honestly cannot pick which one we like more. Good luck, hun! We have also entered the competition so feel free to check it out when you have time :)


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