Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thrifty Thursday - CosmeticsFairy

This week's Thrifty Thursday post comes in the form of a review. I discovered fairly recently, and was amazed at how cheaply they sold beauty products from well-known brands such as Urban Decay, Covergirl and Rodial

Upon closer inspection I realised that many of the items were discontinued ones that you can no-longer get on the high street, and unused 'testers'. I know that there is a big market for counterfeit beauty products, and these can be seriously damaging to health, so I was wary at first. I took comfort in the fact that the site is based in the UK, and so subject to UK law and trading standards. They're also very active on Twitter, and allow you to pay using Paypal, which provides extra protection for online purchases.

 The website states: "All products advertised on the Cosmetics Fairy website are new and unused. In relation to unboxed items we make every effort to advertise products clearly, noting in the advert whether they are sealed, unsealed etc."

I was intrigued by this and wanted to see the quality of the products on offer for myself, so I made a small order:

That's right, a total of £2.22!

Those prices really are insane, and I am SO happy with what I got. I was half expecting the items to be all dried up and dirty, but all the products came new, unused and in perfect condition. 
It's worth checking out, especially if you have a beauty favourite which has annoyingly been discontinued - you may find it for a fraction of the price. Delivery is only £1.95, or free for orders over £10. 

I would definitely order from Cosmetics Fairy again now that I've had such a surprisingly pleasant experience. Click below to check them out!

What do you think of sites like this? Would you order from Also, if you'd like to see individual reviews of any of the products I ordered, let me know in the comments!

//All prices correct at time of publication//


  1. I've never heard about them before! But I'd love to check it out xx

    1. Yeah I only came across their website by chance, but I'm so glad I did! xx


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