Thursday, 21 March 2013

Favourite cut-out pieces

Favourite cut-out pieces

 Cut out T shirt collar dress - £32 -

Red Heart cut out dress - £35 -

  White Wal G chiffon top - £18 -

Topshop cut out boots -

Lace up wedge -

  silver cross cut out ring -

So instead of having the standard clothes with all the correct pieces of fabric in the right place , I've opted for something new. something cool. something different...The cut-out trend.
When I first got introduced to this trend , I thought it was a bit weird because the clothes looked like they had random pieces of fabric missing but over time , it has really grown on me.
Due  to the current weather conditions, it is highly unlike that I'll be able to wear this trend but I am determined not to let the weather dampen my mood.
My favourite item from this list would have to be the topshop cut out boots. Now your probably thinking "eeer they are really masculine" but sometimes ,what some outfits need is the masculine touch. When styled correctly , theses boots could look super stylish!
I've been browsing on LookBook recently and came across the red cut-out heart dress styled with the cut out boots and I instantly fell in love with the outfit! I would do an outfit post about it however , I
do not own any of these items ( Yet! ) , but I'm sure you get the picture.

Guys, because I'm really nosey , I would like to know if any of you have gotten tickets for the "Mrs Carter show" because I'm totally jealous of everyone who did! :p
Last but not least, I just need 2 AMAZING people to follow this blog on GFC (google friend connect). I know there is no point because GFC is being scrapped but I've always aimed to have at least 40 followers on GFC and I'm determined to go through with it! So please follow this block to unlock a brilliant super duper gieveaway!

Thanks guys! :D ♥



  1. I love those boots!

  2. i love that red dress.
    i adore heart cut outs.

  3. The cut out boots are definitely my favourites, as well as the red dress

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  4. Loving the cut out trend, those Topshop boots are gorgeous! I need to invest I think! xx

  5. This is a perfect post for me as I love anything cut out. I even have the topshop cut out boots, they are amazing and so comfy! Also love the blue cut out dress.


  6. Thanks for sharing! I love the cut out collar dress - perfect!

    Lindsey. x


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