Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Still hope for spring♥

Hello my lovelies! How you doing? Its absolutely FREEZING here in London! When you go outside , it feels like ice cubes are literally being thrown at you! I managed to catch a nasty cold! :( but I am slowly and swiftly recovering from it. Neither my wardrobe or me have been able to adapt to this harsh weather. You'd think I'd be use to it by now but the sun seems to be very fickle with its apperance. I think this calls for a shopping spree! (hahaha). Since everyone is wrapping up warm now , i'd thought I'd make an outfit to brighten up the mood a little bit! Welcome to spring!
Still hope for spring

Summer dress
£37 - newlook.com

Red Tape lining shoes
£15 - bankfashion.co.uk

Warehouse bag
£48 - warehouse.co.uk

Bracelet ring

Shell earrings
£4.45 - newlook.com

Retro eyewear

Doesn't that outfit make you want to grin? I can't wait til spring! I know it will probably take long to get there but we will eventually make it. Until then , we just have to keep hoping and fantasising about the freedom to pick out any outfit from your wardrobe without having to think about catching Hypothermia!

Have a lovely warm week guys! :D


  1. LOVE the dress and sunglasses!x


  2. I know its so cold here, i look at daffodils and think 'wtf you blooming for, it aint spring' haha!, your blog is just lovely by the ways, I'll definitively be visiting again, keep up the good work :)


  3. just put your button on my blog, would love if you could put mine on yours!xx



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