Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thrifty Thursday - Flubit

Hi guys, first of all, do you like the funky new 'Thrifty Thursday' graphic? Haha
This week I want to share with you a site that I think is really underrated -

If you shop on Amazon a lot, this is a great one for you. Simply enter the url for any Amazon item you'd like to buy, specify the size/colour etc. if necessary, and the Flubit team will try to get you a better deal. 
  I have been using this website for a couple of years, and initially, you could post in links from any website and Flubit would get you a better deal. Back then, I used Flubit to buy a pair of Ray Ban wayfarers, a Michael Kors watch, perfumes, an Android tablet, and an ink cartridge for my printer - all for less than the cheapest prices I could find on other websites, and from sites like Kelkoo.

A few months ago Flubit decided to concentrate their efforts on items from Amazon, and admittedly, I've used the site a lot less since then. It was great in September when I was starting at university and had lots of books to buy, and I think I saved about £150 in total by buying my books via Flubit, rather than directly from Amazon. I did recently try 'Flubbiting' a Sarah Jessica Parker perfume which was reduced on Amazon, and was told by Flubit that I had found the cheapest price on the internet and that they would not be able to get me a cheaper deal, which was kind of annoying (although it's always nice to know you've found the best possible deal). 

I still think it's a great little website to know about, just in case you do need to buy something from Amazon, and don't mind waiting a few hours while the Flubit team tries to get you a good deal. 

Have you tried Flubit before? Do you know of any similar websites?


  1. this seems pretty cool, might have to give it a try :) x

    1. Yeah it's definitely worth a try. Love your blog by the way! :) x

  2. Never heard of it before, but will definitely remember - thank you for sharing! x


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