Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bathroom Cabinet - Holiday edition

We've arrived in Spain! Packing is always a real task for me - so much stuff to choose from and so little space! Here's what I decided on:

1. Nspa Ultimate Cleansing Tonic
I bought this recently in Asda as it was reduced to £1, and I like the novelty of the fact that you have to shake the bottle to mix the liquids before using it. I apply it to a large oval cotton wool pad (about 55p from Wilko) and use it to remove any makeup/dirt that has accumulated on my face over the day. It works really well, but leaves my face quite oily.

2. Clearasil Ultra Blemish + Marks
I have a few products from this range, but I only brought my two favourites with me - the wash+mask, and the blemish cream. There will be a full review of the range up on I Walk in Fashion soon, so I won't say too much. I use the was with this great little silicone brush thingy (99p from eBay). I apply the cream to my blemishes before following up with my moisturiser.
3. Nivea Rich Moisturising day/night cream
I have quite dry skin so I always use a rich moisturiser. I love Nivea's rich moisturisers as they are a lot richer than other 'rich moisturisers I have tried, and my skin feels moisturised for pretty much the whole day/night after using them. The day cream contains SPF 15, which is brilliant not just on holiday, but all year round.

1. Fearne Cotton Bath & Body gift set
I bought this set from Boots when they did their 70% off sale in January, for about £3. All the products are perfect 'hand-luggage' quantities, which is great. It also came with a body puff, and it was packaged in a beautiful floral box in which I now store all my mini perfumes. There's a body polish (with actual functional exfolitating bits in it), a body wash, a body butter, and a body spritz. The range smells lovely and the scent lingers even after you leave the bathroom.

2. E45 Endless Moisture body moisturiser
This was one of those random 99p store purchases, that I'm really glad I picked up. It has tiny 'light-reflecting particles' (aka bits of glitter) in it, which look lovely when they reflect the light.

Last but definitely not least, I use sun cream. I usually use at least SPF 30. Unfortunately the sun cream opened up in my bag on the way here and decorated a few items of clothing - oops.

What are your travel essentials? 

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