Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Wednesday Wishlist 05/03 - Nautical but Nice ♥

Wednesday wishlists are back! Here are a few items I've been loving recently...Wednesday Wishlist 5/3/12

Topshop dress
£36 - topshop.com

Topshop opaque stocking
£8 - topshop.com

Vagabond black ankle booties
£80 - office.co.uk

1 - I bought a tops very similar to this from Primark, for about £4! Stripes are such a classic, and they're great for a nautical feel, especially as summer comes around.
2 - I bought these boots from Office back in August and I LOVE them. I have worn them In all kinds of weather and in all kinds of casual and formal social situations. I've worn them with skirts, jeans, dresses, shorts. I've worn them for hours on end, I've even done a Ceilidh in them, and they are SO comfortable.
3 - the star of the show, the denim pinafore dress. My younger sister has this topshop dress in a lighter was, and I'm ALWAYS trying to sneak it away from her. Usually dungaree-type items have pockets or some kind of detailing, but I love how simple this particular dress is.
4 - I know I only mentioned summer a few lines ago, but it is still quite chilly, so thick, warm tights are an essential.
I would top this look off with a leather biker jacket and a classic black bowler hat. Remember you can click the links above to browse all the items.

What items have you got your eyes on at the moment?


  1. Love those boots I have some very similar xx

    1. They're so versatile, where are yours from? x

  2. love it!

  3. Love the striped top:)



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