Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday Wishes♥

Hello there lovelies! This is the first ever post of my "Wednesday Wishes" ! (YAAAY) I'm going to try to post one every week but knowing me , I'll probably forget and end up posting it on a Friday but nevertheless its here!

I really need some disco pants! I cant believe I don't own a pair yet! They are absolutely stunning and go with almost any outfit.
I love the colour mint and this blouse from H&M teamed with the Barry m nail varnish is just a match made in heaven.
I've had my eye on the ankle boots from H&M for sometime and I wasn't sure what I would be able to wear them with but seeing many other bloggers wearing these shoes , I have a clear picture
. I couldn't believe my eyes at the pack of gold rings for just £2.99. I've been looking for some rings for ages but they have never had the designs I wanted but I just fell in love with theses at first sight!

I'm a BIG lover of soap and glory and I'll have to do a review in future but I've heard some great things about their perfume and I really want to try it out. So far I think their body wash and butter is amazing but I'll go into more detail in another post. Hearing that destiny's child are getting back together for a show , I just had to include beyonce's heat body set into my wishlist♥

So theres my wish list!♥
Hope your weeks going great. x
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  1. Mint green nails <3 I didn't think it'd suit my skin tone but it really does. Love it
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