Thursday, 4 April 2013

#OOTD - The polka dot shirt

hello my lovelies! Today I was feeling generous and decided to treat you all with an outfit post :)

What I'm wearing:

Chelsea boots,OFFICE | Bleach-washed Jeans , Primark | White Polka dot shirt , Similar HERE | Necklace , Topshop (a while back).

Well would you just look at the weather!? Yesterday , the sun was out and today , the snow is. And I thought it was safe to say that spring had come...but I was wrong :( . We just have to hope that the cold (and weird) weather makes a permanent absence so we can enjoy whats left of spring. 

When styling this outfit , I was so tempted to style it with black  jeans and black shoes but I was determined to not let this be black and white like many of my other outfits that I put together so I'm actually quite proud of myself. :').The polka dot shirt grabs enough attention so I didn't need to go over the top with accessorising with other items, I just tried to keep it simple. It seems very appropriate for the trends of s/s 2013 so I think I'll be wearing it quite a lot.
I'm so sorry that I've only got a few item links but I purchased most of these items a long time ago and I got the polka dot shirt  from a nearby shop which does not have an online store. (And it was only £5 -such a bargain!!).

This is my 4th outfit so I'm still experimenting with different photo sizes and backgrounds. Please email or tweet me with any suggestions! 

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  1. gorgeous outfit! love the chelsea boots!x

  2. love your shirt! The Chelsea boots are so cute as well xx

  3. Your top is so cute! love the boots aswell xoxo



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