Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wednesday Wishes #8

Wednesday Wishes #8

H&M flare dress, £23
 H&M shirt, £38
 H&M blouse, £6.04
H&M lacing shoes, £20
H&M bracelet jewelry, £11
  H&M bracelet jewelry, £12
  H&M nail polish, £4.53
  H&M Bag, £23
I'm the type of person who recieves their monthly issue of the H&M caolouge and reads it over and over again lusting over every item. H&M is one of my most favourie shops due to its  beauiful range of clothes at such amazing, affordable prices. I've been itching to show you guys some of my favourite items from their spring range and here it is!

Easter is on the way (yipeee) , so watch out for my special easter recipe.



  1. I love that blue dress :) xo

  2. Great wishlist! Love the dress and the bracelet! :) XO


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  3. I have the shoes and I'm in love with them! They are so comfortable and perfect for spring!

  4. H&M do have some lovely pieces, and at affordable prices too! That blue dress and yellow bag are both gorgeous pieces i'd love to see in my wardrobe! xx


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