Sunday, 15 June 2014

#Showyourface - Selfie-worthy skin all summer long

Selfie-worthy skin all summer long
**Clearasil gives clear skin and confidence fast to flaunt your face!**
Selfies - everyone’s at them. From supermodels to pop stars, Presidents to Prime Ministers, photos of faces are flooding our social media every day. In fact the word ‘Selfie’ has even been added to the Oxford English Dictionary and it was pronounced ‘Word of The Year 2013’ – that’s how huge the self-portrait camera craze has become.
Summer is just around the corner which of course means more sunshine, holidays and festivals. There is no better time to take selfies with your friends enjoying all the fun in the sun!
To celebrate the selfie, on Saturday 21 June between 10am – 4pm, Clearasil is offering you the chance to show your fresh face on a huge screen at Westfield and on the Yahoo website. All you have to do is submit your best selfie from anywhere in the UK with #Showyourface on Twitter, it’s that easy! If you can’t get to Westfield don’t worry as Clearasil will Tweet you the proof that your face was full-screen. There’s also the chance to win one of 10 pairs of VIP tickets to LoveBox Festival where you can take the ultimate summertime selfies.
The most important aspect of a selfie is, of course, your face. Clearasil knows that if you don’t feel good about the appearance of your face, you won’t feel confident about how you look in photo-form either.
Clearasil ULTRA Rapid Action Range gets to work in as little as 4 hours to give you visibly clearer skin and bring out your confidence. The range is scientifically formulated with maximum-strength spot fighting ingredients to start working straight away at removing dirt, oil and bacteria leaving you clear and confident to pose for the camera.
Keep your skin clear and your confidence high this summer with Clearasil – and take the photos to prove it!
**This post was published in association with Clearasil**

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