Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to style a Celine Paris Tee

Hello lovelies, I hope your weeks treating you well! My favourite item this week would probably have to be the celine t-shirt. Its simply t-shirt with a simple slogan which seems to be very effective. Its very easy to style and I am going to show you in 3 ways.

Golden Chunky Chain- New Look
(I added the Chain to every style to break up the monochrome look...but I dont think it really worked! )

Style 1//
In this style , I went for the layed back look. My favourite item in this style ( apart from the tee) would have to be the circular sunglasses as I think they are very unique and give a touch of glamour. The beanie and th golden chain give it that "hipster look". I would wear this style  when going out with mates as its causual but bang in your face casual... if you know what I mean?!?

Style 2//
Red Lipstick - MAC
I tried going for that school girl type of look with the school skirt and school satchel. I included the blood red lipstick to give a burst of colour to the outfit. I'd probably wear this for an evening out with family and friends. To give it a day time look , scrap the lipstick and add flat pumps.

Style 3//
Leather Look shorts
In style three , I've gone for that biker look by combining studs and leather. I'm not really one to wear shorts so I'd probably wear some thin tights underneath.

There you go , 3 outfits in 1 top.
Casual//School Girl// Biker
Whats your favourite item this spring/summer?
What do you think of the styles?

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  1. love all three outfits, right up my street! x

  2. Love style 1, especially the sunglasses! Need to get myself a pair of those!

  3. I love all of these, black leather look with a Celine top is defo the way to go!!

  4. I adore the leather look. Especially the pants, bobblehat and the glasses. Adore the looks.


  5. Love the 2nd look the best! I need me a Cambridge Satchel-esque bag!

  6. Love style #2, though really I'd wear all three :)

  7. I love style 2, I'd love wearing it :)

    Mónica <3

  8. Love these styles,

    Great blog, just followed, i'd love it if you could check mine out?xx

  9. love the style one, very trendy and stunning, celine is so wonderful.

  10. finally just got myself one of these tees and this post has been really helpful! i think i'm going for style 2 today in fact!


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