Monday, 18 February 2013

Confessions of a Blogger

I've never done a post like this before but I've seen it on many other blogs and I think its time I manned up and did one. So here it goes...


1. How long does it take you to edit/write a post?
Some posts may take me 20minutes when others take me 50. It depends. Outfit posts tend to take longer.

2. Are you a spender or saver?

I am definitely a saver. I always wait for sales and reductions before I splash the cash.

3. What type of post do you enjoy writing or recording?
It would have to be my wish list posts  because the possibilities are endless. I probably end up buying only 1 item from each wish list but it lets my readers know more about me and what I like.

4. Do your friends and family know about your blog/channel?
Most of my family do but only some of my friends do. Like many other bloggers , I find it easier for strangers to look at my blog than people who are close to me. I dont know why.

5. What Clothing Item do you wear way too much?
I think its my converse. They are really comfortable and they are cream so they will go with nearly every outfit.

6. Are you more likely to buy a bag or a pair of shoes?
Shoes shoes! 100% shoes!

7. Are the outfits that you post really what you wear in out?
I've only done a couple of outfit posts so far but I have worn all of them out before.

8. Who or What inspired you to start a blog or channel?
Kavita//She wears fashion & Shirley// Meek & Mild. Their blogs are AMAZING!!♥

9. What's your style mantra? (in other words, what does style mean to you. I think....)
"Style" To me is how someone portrays their personality through different materials.

10. What do you love most about blogging?

It would probably be hearing what people think about my thoughts and creations and talking to inspirational people.

I hope you enjoyed reading this :). Comment below if you have done this tag and i'll stop by your blog and check it out!


  1. Yay! I just did it :)

  2. Wish I was a saver, great getting to know you better

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  3. Love these confession posts! I totally agree with you I much prefer strangers looking at my blog than my friends...not sure why!


  4. Great post, I'll definitely be doing this in the near future. I agree with a few things you said; so much easier having a stranger read your blog haha, and talking to inspirational people/getting feedbak is just what makes blogging worthwhile.

    Good to know you a bit better lovely! And as HeartsAndCrosses above me said - I wish I was a saver too! xx


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