Saturday, 2 February 2013

Black on Black

Hey guys!!  I know I haven't posted in ages and that's really really bad but I have many outfit ideas whizzing around in my head so I'm sure there will be lots of posts this week. Anyway, we have now reached February 2013!! (YAY) I cant wait for what February holds! Plus , this week was the first time I saw sunshine in England for such a long time :o it was beautiful! for my outfit:

Now I'm not a big fan of wearing items the same colour, I always like to spice things up a bit with some un-expected bright colours but I think black on black goes pretty well. There are all types of black to choose from like black leather , black cotton and black denim. Mixing the materials and merging them together takes them out of that dull zone and brings them into a new light.

Have a lovely week guys! x
get followng :)♥

(sorry if there are any spelling mistakes , the "i" on my keyboard is pretty dodgy)

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