Monday, 5 May 2014

Review | Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

You know those lip balms you are always having to re-apply because they taste so good , well this is one of them! I'm a Vaseline kinda girl and I'm forever carrying around my little tin of Vaseline around with me. Trying something new was a hard task as I've fallen in love with Vaseline but I was ready for something new. So I purchased the Palmer's Cocoa butter lip balm.

Dark Chocolate & Mint
The scent is absolutely fantastic. I'm not a fan of mint chocolate but this lip balm is truly something else! It leaves a subtle shine on my lips whilst moisturizing deep down. I find that my lips also feel a bit tingly after applying. I know your not supposed to eat it but through-out the day I'll have a few sneaky tastes and let me tell you , its tastes AMAZING!- I'm tempted to just eat it all.

Dark Chocolate & Cherry
This again smelt great but not as good as the mint one. It left a beautiful red tint along with a subtle sheen.

Whats your go-to lip balm?


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